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Handmade Christmas Gifts - How to make a Table Arrangement

Posted by Kinga 08/11/2014 0 Comments

Because the explosive development of our company is primarily due to you, our loyal customers, I'm going to try to somehow reward. Let me say thank you through this blog, for your support, trust and precious suggestions given. For this reason I decided to start a chain of articles that will present special gifts achievement of stacker that can be done at home in times of crisis. First, I will focus on presents for the biggest celebration of the year is fast approaching, Christmas gifts.

An indispensable piece of the festive meal is Christmas candle arrangement that makes all the difference in design and atmosphere. This is an ideal gift for your loved ones when you want to offer something unique, special and personalized.

Most of the elements necessary to achieve such an arrangement Christmas easily found, being handy around the house. If there are not exactly identical items, they can be replaced easily with like. "Ingredients" required for this gift:

a plate can be glass or even porcelain that will be our support
a candle to light ornament center
a cardboard disk
artificial fir cones, balls, bark, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks
If you want to paint colorful plate, and an outline to paint a message on final
To prepare this splendid ornament, we must follow a few simple steps:

1. If we have a transparent plate, we can paint in the desired color, then put aside to dry. If the porcelain is colorful, it can remain so.

2. Cut a cardboard disc of 10-12 cm, or we can use a used paper cup holder thick that artificial fir glue small pieces of about 3cm long. They can stick with either caulking gun or a super-glue.

3. Place the candle in the middle of cardboard ready, then begin to sit ornaments.

4. cleave the 3 cones, taking care to obtain a triughi with equal sides. Between them sit globes.

5. When you have a circle of balls and cones, ICEP above and lateral to accessorize with pieces of bark, cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices. They can catch liking.

6. To give a personal touch to Christmas arrangement, we can paint a special message on the plate.

7. The last step is to sit on our plate trim painted.

In this way, through some simple steps we have created a unique Christmas gift that besides looks great, has a delicate fragrance of cinnamon with orange.

I hope this information will be helpful. Next week back with another idea for Christmas gift handmade just as easy to achieve, but at least as special.

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