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Gifts for Her

Gifts for Her

Do you whant to buy a gift for a girl or a lady? You came to th right place. We have a large variety of products to offer to the fair sex.

Gifts for Her
5.00/5, Based on 117 reviews. 5.00/5 | Based on 117 reviews.
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3 Set kitchen accessories Lavender New
3 Set kitchen accessories wooden rammers and a metallic foam beater. These pieces are placed in a container of white ceramic, decorated with purple lavender flowers.
50.00 lei
Set 3 spice containers Sunflower New
Set 3 spice containers made of ceramics. These supports with lids are placed on a tray made of bamboo. The containers are white, decorated with sunflowers and the cover is yellow.
88.00 lei
Angel and Devil bottle New
A bottle of red wine, engraved with the message: "The girl is an angel. The man is a devil. but every devil has his own angel." The bottle is a special one, with the bent neck.
65.00 lei
Wall clock with photo frame New
Wall clock with photo frame, an ideal gift for the whole family. The clock is made of wood with a metal inscription - Family. Between the clock and the metal plate is a photo frame, that can hold the most successful picture of the whole family.
115.00 lei
Wooden wall clock with photo frames New
Wooden wall clock with photo frames. The clock is placed in the middle, with 2 picture holders on the side, by approx 10x10 cm. The clock can be hung on the wall with a rustic rope.
115.00 lei
Wall Clock with Lavender New
Wall Clock, traditional, with floral motives, lilac and lavender. The clock is made of wood with a metal element cut out, that says Welcome. The clock can be hung on the wall with a brown rope.
115.00 lei
Organizer and Key Holder New
A very elegant gift set consisting of two parts: an organizer and a key support. Both products are made of fine leather, finished with a silver plate.
198.00 lei
Elegant Champagne glasses New
Elegant set of 6 glasses for champagne, made of glass. These have each applied a bunch of grapes, made of silver plated metal. The glasses are placed in a gift box.
280.00 lei
Illuminated Icon with Mary New
Icon illuminated with St. Mary and baby. Icon is made of metal with silver foil, affixed to a wooden box with floral cutouts, illuminated from within.
192.00 lei
Magic Rope New
Special gift, composed of two elements: a magic rope and a bottle of red wine. The rope stands still and holds a bottle of red wine in the air. The wine is red, semisweet, from a controlled origin, Hungary, 750 ml.
99.00 lei
Elegant Leather Photo Album 20x25 New
Photo album, very elegant, made of leather, with silver foil elements. The album is made in Italy, having a photo frame on the cover, suitable for picture size 10x15 cm.
355.00 lei
Cookie Plate with Red Flowers New
Square plate with glass shelves. This plateau is beautifully decorated with bouquets of red flowers. The bigger plate size is 24.5 cm, the small one has 20 cm diameter, and has a height of about 35 cm.
70.00 lei
Fruit Plate with Red Flowers New
Fruit dish with foot in shades of red, white, green and black, with a diameter of 25 cm and a height of 7cm. Bouquet of red flowers tied with a bow give personality to this fruit bowl.
66.00 lei
Gift for 18 Years New
A special gift for the one turning 18, a set composed of a 750 ml Mary Rose champagne, with a glass. Both products are painted in shades of silver, wearing the number 18.
175.00 lei
Decanter and Glasses New
Decanter for water, lemonade or juice, with 6 cups, placed in a holder made of wood. This decanter and glasses are made of glass. This gift is ideal for the impeccable service of your guests.
130.00 lei
Storage Box for Watches New
Black box for storing 6 wristwatches. Leather is made of PU leather material on the outside and creamy on the inside. The cover is transparent. The box is black, and has 6 oval pillows to support watches.
148.00 lei
Based on 1 reviews.
Wall Decoration Family Rules New
Wall decoration made of wood, with satin hangers, 50x26 cm, with the following message:   "FAMILY RULES   Dad and Mom always wish you only the best   Respect their home   Do not forget that they love you   You are always welcomed home   Trust yourself   Say Please and Thank You   Keep your promises   Work Hard ".
55.00 lei
Based on 2 reviews.
Wall painting Smile New
Wall painting, made of wood, imprinted with a message that gives an example of humility and humanity, to be followed and took example: "Smile to those who cry Hold out a hand to the fallen.
55.00 lei
Wall Decortion Oure House Rules New
Wall decoration, made of wood, with satin hangers, size 50x26 cm. The message is printed on the decor: Our House Rules truth matters We play in the same team There isn't anything impossible We use the magic words We trust us Learn from mistakes We forgive, even though it's hard.
55.00 lei
Wall Decoration with Message: In This House New
Wall decoration with a message, made from 50x26 cm in size, printed with the following message: "In this house. we are true Make mistakes say sorry Give second chances We have fun, we hug each other, forgive each other, We make noise, We are patient, WE LOVE! ".
55.00 lei
Based on 2 reviews.
Leather Photo Frame Brown New
Leather photo frame, brown. Picture size suitable for this frame is 10x15 cm. The rear has a leg support. This frame is placed in its own box. Size: 15x20 cm.
55.00 lei
Royal Elegant Style Necklace New
Royal elegant style necklace made of silver, decorated with sparkling crystals. It is suitable both for an elegant evening attire, and wedding day, matching your wedding dress.
225.00 lei
Based on 1 reviews.
Box for Wristwatches New
Storage box for wristwatches, made of synthetic leather on the outside, and soft material on the interior. It has transparent lid for better visibility.
148.00 lei
Beautiful Silver Bracelet New
Beautiful bracelet, elegant, made of silver. The bracelet is decorated in the middle, consists of 2 items decorated with crystals, caught to the chain made of small rings.
119.00 lei
Classic Silver Bracelet New
Classic silver bracelet that fits to any outfit. The bracelet has a hollow circle in the middle of 2 cm diameter, which is caught near the other two ovals, one full and one empty inside.
218.00 lei
Bracelet with Umbrellas New
Bracelet delicate, very elegant, made of silver. The shapes that make up some opened umbrellas, fastened together with one bright crystal. The bracelet is placed in special jewelry box.
239.00 lei
Classic Photo Frame New
Photo frame in classic style, traditional, where the pictures come attached with clips to a rope, as in the rooms for the development of the old days.
105.00 lei
Jewelry box made of synthetic leather. The box has a hexagonal shape. The interior has two compartments, one of which is removable. The interior is dressed in velvet of pink colour.
84.00 lei
Silver necklace, decorated with two theater masks: one sad and one cheerful. The necklace is placed in special gift box. Box cover can be customized with a sign engraved with the desired message.
125.00 lei
Red wine with a profound message, it is a sentimental gift, with a special greeting. The message printed on the cork label says: "May your life be like tango: sometimes slow, sometimes stormy, but always passionate.
45.00 lei
Small PU leather conference folder for documents, A5 sheet included. Map has specifically designed space to place a card, on the left is a pocket for files, magazines or brochures and the right side are A5 size sheets.
80.00 lei
Telescopic shoehorn designed specifically to ease the burden of our taking on our shoes. The shoehorn is made of stainless steel, and the stem can be adjusted between 20-70 cm.
29.00 lei
Wallet for Women in bright colors, full of life. The wallet is made of natural leather combined with PU leather, in a very modernist style and elegant.
129.00 lei
Very beautiful silver brooch in the shape of butterfly. With a discrete décor on the wings, it has a size of about 2.5 cm long. This butterfly comes sat in a gift box, on which we can apply a plate engraved with a message.
75.00 lei
Based on 1 reviews.
Double plate made of glass, filled with assorted sweets. This plate can be offered in gratitude or can be purchased for own pleasure, or when we celebrate something.
165.00 lei
Based on 1 reviews.
Rotating photo album made of wood. The album has space for 72 pictures, size 9/13 cm. Sides album also have a place for a picture. The wood color is red.
135.00 lei
Gift for Women Petals, containing: Red wine cellar Royal, 750ml. Sweets rum Rumkugeln, 250g. 2 Praline Raffaelo Decorative candle in form of a rose.
153.00 lei
Pendant made of silver in the form of 4 leafed clover. A lucky medallion, which is accompanied by a silver necklace with a length of 40 cm, both placed in a jewelry box.
110.00 lei
Elegant necklace made of silver. In the middle of it there are 12 pieces of four-leafed clover. This jewelry is sure to bring you luck throughout the whole day.
255.00 lei
Lavender candle holder bowl. This support has inside a container for a small candle. It is made out of paraffin and externally we can observe the image of a lavender bunch and a butterfly.
45.00 lei
Customer Reviews
H. Nicoleta - Japonia
2016-10-15, 07:58 AM

Va multumesc mult pt produse..
A fost o surpriza placuta pt mama

Claudia - Ploiesti
2016-10-12, 09:15 AM

Felicitari pentru ceea ce faceti ! Sunteti minunati! Este a treia oara cand apelez la serviciile dvs si sunt foarte multumita

Lupu Mihaela
2016-10-07, 11:03 AM

Foarte multumita de produsele si serviciile GiftExpress.

Alexandra - Olanda
2016-10-07, 11:01 AM

Foarte multumita de servicii si de proptitudine si de comunicarea cu clientul. in 24h comanda s-a aprobat si livrat inclusiv cu mesajul introdus in rubrica mentiuni. Recomand oricui sa apeleze cu incredere la aceste servicii. Nu stiu daca se fac livrari in toata tara inclusiv Bucuresti. As dori si mai apelez si pentru alte ocazii.

Ghinea Emanuel
2016-09-25, 08:33 AM

Promtitudine, seriozitate, produse de calitate si ideei variate pentru cadouri! Recomand

Lulea Cristina
2016-09-17, 11:26 AM

Produsul arata mult mai bine in realitate decat pe site...foarte frumos!

Cosmin - Canada
2016-09-11, 08:18 AM

Super rapid. Foarte bun serviciu!

Florenta - Constanta
2016-08-31, 19:23 PM

Profesionisti !!!

Zoe Bratu
2016-08-26, 10:32 AM

Mulțumesc pentru profesionalismul de care ați dat dovada. Felicitari+

Ionut - Bucuresti
2016-08-18, 08:31 AM

Mi-a placut ca am fost tinut la curent tot timpul cu ce se intampla cu coletul

Iulia - Bucuresti
2016-08-17, 11:33 AM

Produse de calitate

Izabela Stoian
2016-08-17, 10:07 AM

Seriozitate si promptitudine.

Soare Monica
2016-08-10, 21:48 PM

Foarte multumita!

Adina Donici
2016-08-10, 09:01 AM

Organizare super. O sa mai apelam la voi cu drag.

Rodica Pirvu
2016-08-04, 21:46 PM

Buna seara!

Am primit astazi comanda !
Sticla comandata este mai frumoasa decat ma asteptam. Multumesc mult pentru inscriptionare!
Iar comanda a ajuns mai repede decat calculasem.
Cu siguranta voi recomada tuturor cunoscutilor serviciile dvs.

Spor in toate!

Lungu Claudia
2016-08-03, 18:41 PM

Super servicii!!!!

Gheorghe Vasilica
2016-07-28, 14:55 PM

Seriozitate, calitate ! Servicii ireprosabile !

Ecaterina Iordan
2016-07-27, 08:03 AM

Relatia cu clientii la superlativ (doamna care ofera detalii privind produsele are o rabdare de sfant), coletul a ajuns extrem de repede, vom reveni cu drag pe site-ul dumneavoastra!!!

Ionescu Gloria
2016-07-26, 18:07 PM

Rapid, eficient, flexibil, profesionist, produse interesante si utile, totul a decurs in buna regula. Mult succes in continuare!

Temian Gheorghe
2016-07-22, 11:22 AM

f multumit de echipa