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Chimney Sweeper

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Chimney Sweep, a gift consisting of a metal support shaped as a chimney sweeper and a bottle of wine. The metallic support is a symbol of good luck, happiness and prosperity, so if you meet a chimney sweeper you must make a wish and it will come true. The gift is suitable for celebrating the New Year according to tradition, which says it is best to meet a chimney sweeper in the first day of the year. This gift comes alsow with is dry red wine, 750ml Beciul Domnesc.
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  • Da Daniela

    Impeccable services, punctuality and professionalism. The package protected with great care and the gift packed special and elegant! I hope the recipient is delighted too :) Thanks and congratulations!

  • MB Mircea B.

    Super professional, received on time, nicely packaged, quality. I order Cosar Gift and I just order the same products a second time.

  • SB Sorina B.

    Thank you again, I am very satisfied with the service offered. Fast delivery, exemplary communication. Congratulations!

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