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In our gift shop, in the category Icons you will find a wide range of silver-plated icons and silver icons, some with gold leaf. Among our special models are both Catholic and Orthodox models with the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary with the Child, Jesus Christ or the Last Supper. These icons prove to be extraordinary gifts for weddings, baptisms, new homes, religious holidays or even for a birthday.

The "Icons" category presents works of sacred art handmade in Italian workshops, characterized by fine details and quality of execution. Made on a solid wooden base, these icons are plated with pure silver, adding a special shine and a touch of luxury. Each piece, whether classic or customized on demand, is an expression of Italian tradition and craftsmanship. Personalization allows customers to pay a special tribute or highlight an image of personal significance. These icons are not only decorative, but also symbols of faith and culture, suitable for places of prayer or as meaningful gifts for loved ones.

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Religious icons
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Customer impressions

  • Vaulted Orthodox icon of the Holy Family with silver 19cm Cojocaru G.

    The product is very beautiful and well made! It arrived incredibly fast! My dedication is perfectly done! Thank you very much! Success!

  • Orthodox silver plated icon Holy Family Exclusive 26cm Pinciuc C

    Very happy with the order. The product was packaged in a special way. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Silver plated icon Holy Family Cloud 15cm Konyicska D.

    They are beautiful.

  • Last Supper Icon silver plated coloured 20cm Marcu V.

    Very satisfied.

  • Holy Family Heart Icon Alina B.

    Wonderful! Promptness and quality!

  • Modern 3D Icon Holy Family 22cm Nicoara G.

    We are very pleased! Excellent services, promptness, very good communication, product exactly as described, in a word, professionals.

The "Icons" category presents works of sacred art, handmade with great care and dedication in workshops in Italy. These icons impress with their fine detail and quality of execution, reflecting the tradition and craftsmanship of Italian craftsmanship. The solid wood base provides stability and durability, and the pure silver coating covering the icons adds a special shine and a luxurious touch.

Each icon is unique in its own way, whether we are talking about classic representations of saints or biblical scenes, or whether we are referring to customized models created especially at the request of the client. Personalization allows each customer to pay a personal tribute and bring to the fore a theme or image that has special meaning to them.

These icons are not only decorative objects, but also expressions of faith, tradition and culture. They can serve as focal points in prayer spaces, homes or churches, bringing a divine presence and an atmosphere of tranquility and reverence. Through their beauty and simplicity, the icons in this category encourage contemplation and reflection, representing a special gift for loved ones or a valuable addition to personal collections.

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