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Decorative bottles, in various shapes, with special designs for birthday, name day, wedding or holiday gifts. The bottles can be with figurines, traditional Romanian, steamship or fruit shapes. Their content can be plum brandy, Maramureş brandy or other types of brandy. These bottles can be personalized by painting with the message of your choice. The Strong Bottles category is addressed to all people who are looking for a more special gift.

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Bottles of Strength

Customer impressions

  • Personalized Gift Chivas Dimian C.

    Quality product, the personalized message is very nicely done. I recommend!

  • Personalized Gift Chivas Alexandra B.

    The bottle looks good, service ok.

  • Personalized Gift Chivas Sandra

    Superb bottle!

  • Men's Gift First Aid Kit Remus B.


  • Men's Gift First Aid Kit Beldie A.

    For products I can tell you after Christmas!

  • Jack Daniel's whiskey with message Oana B.

    Everything turned out the way I wanted. Professionals is little said !!!

Discover our collection of strong decorative bottles, where elegance blends harmoniously with sophistication to create unique pieces that will add style and distinction to any space. Whether you are looking for a memorable gift or want to complete your personal collection, these bottles are a perfect choice for lovers of fine drinks and special decorative objects.

Each bottle is carefully selected and filled with the highest quality spirits, such as palinca, brandy, horinca, whiskey, cognac or other fine spirits, to ensure an outstanding tasting experience. But what really sets them apart are their unique and captivating designs, which will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior.

Whether you prefer a classic and sober style or a modern and extravagant one, you will find in our collection bottles with various shapes and ornaments, made of high-quality materials such as fine glass or crystal. Every detail is carefully thought out to create an impressive visual effect and highlight the beauty and value of the fine drinks they contain.

These decorative bottles are not only objects to admire, but also functional pieces that can be used to serve drinks or to add an extra touch of elegance to any festive table or special event. They can also be an inspired choice for decorating a desk, a showcase or a relaxation corner, bringing a touch of luxury and sophistication to any room.

With fast home delivery and free gift wrapping, purchasing a decorative spirits bottle becomes a pleasant and worry-free experience. Choose elegance and refinement with the decorative bottles of hard drinks from Giftexpress.ro and turn every moment into an unforgettable experience.

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