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Decorative bottles with strong fruit, brandy, brandy or horinca Strong bottles Decorative bottles, in various shapes, with special designs for birthday, name day, wedding or holiday gifts. The bottles can be with figurines, traditional Romanian, with steam or fruit shapes. Their content can be plum brandy, Maramureş horinca or other kinds of country. These bottles can be personalized by painting with the message of your choice. The Strength Bottles category is for all people who are looking for a more special gift.
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Customer impressions

  • Personalized Gift Chivas Alexandra B.

    The bottle looks good, service ok.

  • Personalized Gift Chivas Sandra

    Superb bottle!

  • Men's Gift First Aid Kit Remus B.


  • Men's Gift First Aid Kit Beldie A.

    For products I can tell you after Christmas!

  • Jack Daniel's whiskey with message Oana B.

    Everything turned out the way I wanted. Professionals is little said !!!

  • Personalized Gift Chivas Iuliana

    Excellent customer service !!

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