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Welcome to our Collection of Our Lady Icons - a sacred place in our online store dedicated to beauty and spirituality. Discover a careful selection of icons that capture the grace and eternal love associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary. From traditional to modern depictions, each icon is a window into timeless devotion and beauty. Choose a piece for prayer, a gift or to add a sacred touch to your space. Enjoy this inspiring collection that blends art with spirituality, bringing light and peace into your life.
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  • Silver plated heart icon Virgin Mary 33cm Dan S.

    I took two, then two more!!!

  • Icon of Mary Untier of Knots 11cm Calinas D.

    I appreciate the packaging and wrapping like a gift!

  • Mother Mary Icon with peek Daniela

    Quality product, fast shipping and wonderful packaging! Very pleased!

  • Virgin Mary with 7 Swords Chiper E.

    Very satisfied! Thanks!

  • Silver Plated Mary Icon Anamaria R.

    The icon is gorgeous! I am very satisfied with the advice and promptness and everything! I will definitely be back. Thanks!

  • Mother Mary Amolynthos Silver Plated Icon Angelica B.

    I received the ordered product. I was pleasantly impressed with the packaging and the presentation. A quality product. Thanks.

Welcome to our collection of Sacred Icons, a divine sanctuary within our online store dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Explore a treasure trove of exquisitely crafted and spiritually resonant icons, a tribute to the gentle grace and eternal love embodied in the Blessed Virgin. Grow old in the serenity of our category of Our Lady Icons, where each piece is a profound testimony of faith, devotion and art. Our careful selection includes a variety of iconic depictions, capturing the timeless beauty and deep spirituality associated with the Mother of God. Crafted by skilled craftsmen and inspired by centuries-old traditions, these icons radiate a sense of tranquility and reverence. Whether you're looking for a focal point for prayer, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or a symbol of faith to decorate your sacred space, our category of Our Lady Icons offers a sanctuary of options. From traditional depictions to modern interpretations, our collection highlights the rich tapestry of the Virgin Mary's meaning in various cultures and artistic styles. Each icon tells a unique story, inviting you to connect with the divine through visual contemplation and heartfelt devotion. Elevate your spiritual journey with the grace and beauty of icons of Our Lady, carefully selected and made available in our Sacred Icon Collection. Discover the incarnation of faith and find comfort in the timeless presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
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