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The season of the Winter Holidays is approaching. The rush for Christmas presents is no longer a necessity. Choose to order gifts online from the varied range of Christmas gifts from the Christmas Gifts category, and we deliver the chosen products to your loved ones in the shortest possible time.

In our Christmas Gifts category, discover a diverse collection of items meticulously chosen to bring the warmth and magic of the holidays into your homes. From table arrangements and door wreaths to decorative figurines and Christmas themed products, we offer a wide range of options to complement the festive atmosphere.

Table arrangements bring a touch of elegance and glamor to festive dinners, whether you choose complete sets or individual accessories. Door crowns are artistic creations that welcome guests with joy and warm welcome.

Decorative figurines bring the Christmas story to life, from classic characters to modern creations.

Products decorated with specific Christmas motifs, from textiles to accessories, complete the magical atmosphere of the holidays. Ornaments, candles and snow globes add sparkle and warmth, creating a festive landscape in every corner of the house.

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Christmas gifts
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Customer impressions

  • Santa Claus porcelain cups and plates 280ml Cristache P.

    Very pleased with the quality and elegance. Respect for the producers.

  • Sleigh with Angel and Candle Popîrlan G.

    Very beautiful👍.

  • Dangling legs leprechaun figurine Hîncu C.


  • Reindeer musical snow globe 17cm Dan M.


  • Reindeer musical snow globe 17cm Dan M.

    It is a wonderful globe. Both the globe itself and the support. I benefited from a delivery by courier, which was extremely fast; the day after the order arrived in Bucharest. Very nice presentation, with gift wrapping. Very effective packaging.

  • Dangling legs leprechaun figurine Anda E.

    Superb and quality.

Discover our exciting collection of Christmas Gifts, where each item is carefully selected to bring holiday charm and joy into your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Our table arrangements bring the magic of Christmas right to your home. Whether it's festive wreaths, adorable figurines or complete Christmas table sets, every detail is carefully crafted to delight the eye and complete the festive atmosphere.

Our door wreaths are more than just decorations; they are the gateway to the festive spirit. Whether you prefer a traditional or a modern design, you will find the perfect wreath to welcome guests and bring joy to your home.

Our decorative Christmas figurines are true works of art, representing classic or modern characters that bring a smile to everyone's face. Handmade or with carefully sculpted details, these figurines add extra charm to any decor.

Our products decorated with Christmas motifs are ideal for bringing the festive atmosphere to every corner of your home. From cups and plates to home textiles and accessories, every item bears the stamp of holiday-specific design.

Our Christmas candles are not only sources of light, but also true works of art. Choose between warm and comforting aromas and create an environment full of warmth and magic.

Snow globes are not only decorative objects, but also journeys to childhood memories. With charming winter scenes and painstakingly crafted details, these globes add a touch of nostalgia to your decor.

The carefully crafted gift sets are ready to delight anyone. Whether filled with seasonal treats, home accessories or beauty products, these sets are the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Discover our entire collection and turn the winter holidays into a time full of joy and charm with our Christmas Gifts.

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