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In every home there is a need to find an elegant vase or bowl in which to place the bouquet of flowers received from the guests. Regardless of whether we are talking about a bouquet or wire flowers bought to delight your soul, the vase is essential to be elegant and matched to the surrounding environment. This category gathers elegant models made of porcelain, glass, crystal or wood, with decorations in very different styles. In this way you will find one suitable for any ambient style. The trays and fruit bowls must also be matched, being decorative elements that will stand out.

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Vases, platters, fruit bowls
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  • Painted Vase Life a Fairytale Ciocotisan A.

    Much more beautiful in reality! Thank you very much!

  • Painted Vase Life a Fairytale Ungureanu M.

    Qualitative vase.

  • Painted Vase with Roses Brightness Constantinescu A.

    I like.

  • Personalized lavender vase wishes Ada D.


  • Personalized lavender vase wishes Andreea

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful and beautifully packaged vase! The message is fabulous 🙂.

  • Painted Vase with Roses Brightness Cojanu C.


Vases, trays and fruit bowls are essential elements in decorating and organizing the space in the house, bringing a touch of elegance and functionality to the rooms.

Vases are much more than simple containers for flowers. They are focal points in interior design, providing an exquisite way to display and highlight the natural beauty of flowers and plant arrangements. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, the vases are adaptable to any decorative style, from classic to modern or eclectic. The materials from which they are made, such as ceramic, glass, metal or wood, offer a wide range of options to match the aesthetics and color palette of the room.

Trays and fruit bowls, in turn, complete the aesthetic aspect of a table or a storage space. They are ideal for serving and organizing food and snacks, bringing an extra touch of elegance and order to the design of a kitchen or dining room. Trays can be used to display food or serve snacks, and fruit bowls are perfect for keeping fresh fruit close at hand.

When choosing vases, trays and fruit bowls, we have to take into account several factors, such as size and shape, materials and design. Depending on the space available and the preferred style, we can opt for large and imposing vases or for smaller and delicate models, for elegant and refined platters or for more rustic and natural options, and for modern and minimalist fruit bowls or for classic and ornate models .

The materials from which these accessories are made are also important. For example, ceramic or glass vessels can add a sophisticated and elegant look, while wooden or resin ones can give a more rustic and natural air. Metal or brass trays and fruit bowls can be durable and versatile choices, fitting into various interior design styles.

In conclusion, vases, trays and fruit bowls are decorative and practical elements that enrich the appearance and functionality of a home. With varied designs and quality materials, these accessories contribute to creating a pleasant and orderly atmosphere inside the house, bringing more beauty and elegance to every room.

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