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Aromatherapy, for a healthy and fragrant environment

For any pleasant environment, you need 3 things: beautiful view, soothing sounds and pleasant smells. Aromatherapy is a therapeutic method that aims to alleviate a disease both physically and by eliminating emotional disorders. The goal is to act to restore the overall balance of the human being. Volatile or essential oils, as they are also called, are aromas obtained by steam distillation of certain parts of plants: flowers, leaves, stem, bark, root. Volatile (or essential oils, as they are also called) are essences obtained by steam distillation of certain parts of the plant: leaves, stem, flowers, bark or root.

There are many different flavors, some of which are anti-infective, calming, analgesic, expectorant, diuretic or relaxing. Entering the body, aromatic compounds act on both physical and mental functions, without leaving behind any toxic residue. The volatile essences, for an efficient refreshment of the air in the house, are dripped in water placed in the aromatherapy supports specially created for them. At the bottom of these supports is placed a simple candle, pill, and the top is filled with water, adding a few drops of the chosen essence. As soon as the candle is lit, the water with the oil in the aromatherapy holder begins to heat up, evaporating. In this way the house is filled with an irresistibly pleasant and relaxing scent.

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