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Christmas arrangements, crafted with care and passion, are true works of handmade art that bring the charm of the holidays right into the heart of your home. Each piece is designed to create a warm and festive atmosphere, enriching the corners of the home with the magic of Christmas.

Table decorations blend elegance with tradition, including twinkling candles, sparkling globes and scented cones. They bring extra charm to festive tables, highlighting the symbols specific to Christmas.

The door wreaths are spectacular creations, made with attention to detail and inspired by the spirit of the holidays. Bright ornaments, ribbons in festive shades and scented cones blend harmoniously, creating a warm welcome for guests and bringing a special touch to your home during this special time.

Each piece in this collection represents a perfect combination of quality, creativity and tradition, bringing joy and beauty to every corner of your home during the winter holidays.

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Christmas arrangements

Customer impressions

  • Sleigh with Angel and Candle Popîrlan G.

    Very beautiful👍.

  • Golden Angel Christmas Candle Matei D.

    Very delicate product.

  • Sleigh with Angel and Candle Matei D.

    A pleasure to look at this arrangement.

  • Sleigh with Angel and Candle Visarinica I.

    Nice design, right size.

  • Christmas Decoration with 3 Candles Sweet Angel Elena R.

    I will come back with new orders! Very satisfied!

  • Red Advent Wreath Edina

    Although it is handmade, it looks exactly like the picture. I appreciate the fact that the base is natural.

The "Christmas Arrangements" category features unique and charming creations, entirely handcrafted to bring the spirit of the holidays directly into the home of every festive atmosphere lover. Table decorations and door wreaths are true works of art, made with care and passion to enrich every corner of the house with the magic of Christmas.

Each piece is carefully crafted to bring joy and warmth during the winter holidays. Table centerpieces, both elegant and festive, include candle arrangements, twinkling globes, scented cones, and other holiday decorations. These handmade creations bring a special charm to the Christmas table, bringing to the fore symbols specific to this period, such as bright stars, the Christmas tree and snow.

Door wreaths, made with skill and attention to detail, are true works of art that welcome guests with warmth and elegance. These include elements such as bright globes, ribbons in festive shades, scented cones and other decorative accessories, all in a harmonious and attractive combination.

Each piece is unique, having the uniqueness and character of a handmade creation. The materials used are carefully selected to ensure the quality and durability of the products. Vibrant colors and creative combinations turn these arrangements into true jewels that bring more beauty and warmth to every Christmas lover's home.

This category of Christmas decorations offers a variety of options to satisfy diverse tastes, from elegant and refined pieces, perfect for festive tables, to inviting wreaths that give doors a special touch during the festive period.

Each item in this category conveys the joy and excitement of Christmas, bringing a touch of magic and a dreamlike atmosphere to people's homes at this special time of the year.

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