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Watch with Wireless Phone Charger

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This watch with wireless phone charger has a large display, night light in three steps, 12/24 hour display, temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, date, wake up and snooze function. This alarm clock has everything that requires a good alarm clock, but it can do even more: with it, you can also charge wireless smartphone (models that have this feature). In current generation smartphones, inductive charging technology is already installed. It has a special option against overheating and overvoltage protection. Input current: 5V / 2A; Output current: 5V / 1A. Dimensions: 15 x 10.7 x 8 cm.


Insert the power supply unit into a power source and the other end into the socket at the rear of the article. The display now lights up; the LED lamp for wireless charging lights up in red and green colors.

Display brightness

Press the monitor button on the isde of the article and select the desired brightness from the four options.

Night light

Press the moon button on the side of the article to select the brightness of he night light. Apart from a switched off night light you can select from three different brightnesses through repeated pressing of the button.

Clock and alarm setting
  • The time

    Press the "S" button to perform settings in the following sequence: Hours - Minutes - Year - Month - Day. The currently selected elements will flash and can be adjusted using the up/down buttons.

  • Alarm time

    Press the "M" button to adjust the alarm time. The current alarm time is displayed. Press the "S" button to adjust the alarm time using the up/down buttons. First adjust the desired hour. Press the "S" button again to set the time between wake-up calls (Snooze). Snooze delay can be set between 5 and 30 minutes. Press "M" button to confirm and set the alarm time.

  • Turn on the alarm

    To activate the alarm you first have to set the alarm time displayed ("M") and then switch on the alarm using up/down buttons. The symbot with the swinging bell icon shows that the alarm function is activated,

  • Snooze function

    If the alarm tone sounds, press down the device to activate the Snooze function (the device must be placed on a solid surface for this function to work). Snooze mode is displayed by appearance of the "Zz" symbol. Press the "M" button to deactivate the alarm or the Snooze function.

  • You can have the time displayed either in 12 hour or 24 hour format. To change it press the "up" button while the time is being displayed.

  • The temperature display

    You can have the temperature displayed either in Celsius or in Fahrenheit. To change the unit press the "down" button while the time is being displayed.

  • Wireless charging

    You need a mobile device which supports wireless charging to use this function. Lay the mobile device in the middle on the charging surface. The charging function is displaced by a red LED lighting up. If the mobile device is fully charged, the LED lights up green. If the red LED flashes pleas check whether metallic object are on the charging surface and remove them from the area.

  • Note

    The product is fitted with backup battery. This stores the time for as long as the unit is not supplied with power from the wall socket.

Warning message
  • Some smartphone cases block the wireless charging signal.
  • Do not allow any other materials such as metallic opjects, magnets or cards with magnetic strips to come between your smartphone and the wireless charging station.
  • If the phone is not placed correctly on the wireless charging station, the device cannot be charges.
  • Do not expose the device to moisture or heat.
  • Keep the device out of reach of children and pets, It is not a toy!
  • Do not alter or open the device,
  • If heat, discolouration, deformation or any other fault arises during charging or storage, do not use the device anymore.
  • Also read the safety instructions and operating manuals fpr all devices you wish to charge with this product
Technical data
  • Adapter input power: 12V / 1A
  • Maximum power consumption: 9W
  • Wireless charging output power: 5V/1A (5W)
  • Night light power consumption: 0.66W
  • LED warmth: approx. 3000K

If batteries are not discharged complately, do not dispose of this product.


Electrical appliances and packaging waste do not belong in household waste. Please contact your local authority to establish the correct form of disposal.

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  • MR Michele Roza

    Well done, I really didn't expect it to work out so quickly and well!

  • BL Bîrle Liliana

    The ordered products arrived very quickly, packaged extraordinarily beautifully for a gift. I had the request to engrave personalized messages, and they were exactly as I wanted. Thank you very much!


    Please let me know if charging for an iphone 6 works. Thanks. Answer: For iPhone models, the wireless charging option is available in version 8 or later.

  • MD Mocan Dorel

    Everything is superlative. Congratulations and thanks!

  • CP Catalin Preda

    SUPER !

  • GP Garlicel - Ploiesti

    Everything was perfect. Thanks.

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