About cryogenic roses

About cryogenic roses

How we show our appreciation for the loved ones in our lives plays a key role especially around important events. Whether we are talking about an anniversary or a day of much greater significance, it is our responsibility to know what to choose. And this category also includes cryogenic roses, an increasingly popular option among customers. In order to help you, we have put together a comprehensive guide that is able to provide you with more information about cryogenic roses!

  1. What is meant by cryogenic roses?

From a theoretical point of view, the cryogenic rose consists of a natural rose to which several chemical processes have been applied. With their help, the rose can keep its flawless appearance for a much longer period. This process involves stopping the maturation of the flower, which keeps it young for much longer.

As for the process that this rose has to go through in order to end up being cryogenic, it is called cryogenic or lyophilization. In addition, the process is explained by freezing the rose through drying.

Although every flower could go through this process, in reality only 30% of all existing flowers manage to undertake all the standards necessary to be selected. We are talking here about the fact that every rose used in this process must have an impeccable appearance and be of high quality. Cryogenated Roses (giftexpress.ro) for the loved ones in your life you will be able to find in most florists, as well as on the website profile gifts.

  1. What is the life span of a cryogenic rose?

If you are wondering how long a rose of this kind lasts, it is important to know that the period differs depending on the storage conditions. In general, they can have a lifespan that varies between 3 and 25 years, with the possibility of extending this period. In other words, you have the opportunity to have an exceptional gift with you even up to a quarter of your life.

  1. What are the optimal maintenance conditions?

As with natural roses, including cryogenic ones, they must be properly maintained. This category includes various simple but effective tips that ensure a very long life of your favorite flowers.

  • Keep the flower in a place protected from moisture. In general, roses of this kind blend perfectly in a dry environment, where the humidity is between 30 and 70 percent, along with a temperature of up to 25°C;

  • Avoid shortening the rose or making sudden movements. In general, it is recommended to keep the rose in the same place without moving it;

  • Avoid wetting the flower or getting any drop of water on it. In contact with water, the rose will degrade;

  • Avoid applying perfume or any other foreign substance to the cryogenic rose.

Thanks to all these tips and information, you will be able to enjoy the existence of your favorite frozen roses to help you recall the most beautiful memories!

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