All about Advent

All about Advent

The winter holidays are some of the most beautiful of the year, as they bring joy and manage to gather the whole family to spend some unforgettable moments together. Regardless of whether you have already made plans for this period or you are still not sure of the places you will visit, don't forget to spend a few days with your loved ones. Incidentally, during this period we will also talk about the Advent holiday, which is celebrated by many people around the world. In order to help you and better explain what the Advent celebration entails, we have prepared for you a comprehensive guide with all the necessary information!

What is Advent?

Whether you have heard of Advent before or this is the first time, this event involves spending time in a way in which each person spiritually prepares for the coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas time. According to Western Christianity, this period begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. Also, this moment can be concurrent with the closest Sunday to November 30th. The Advent period begins and ends with Christmas Eve, which is celebrated on December 24.

From an etymological point of view, Advent implies the coming or arrival of Jesus Christ, an event that is greeted with great importance. All this period is celebrated by Christians through prayer, fasting and repentance, which subsequently conveys hope and joy to every person.

Which Christian churches celebrate Advent?

At the present time, there are a number of Christian churches in which we will find Advent as a period celebrated every year. Among them are those that follow the ecclesiastical calendar, respectively: the Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Anglican and Presbyterian churches. Protestant and evangelical Christians are also added to these, who, together with the rest of the people, await the joy and manage to respect certain traditional advent customs with sanctity.

What are the specific colors of Advent?

Today, there are various symbols and colors related to this period. In turn, they have a rich meaning and manage to help people prepare spiritually for the coming of Christmas.

The main colors of this period include pink, purple and white. While purple has a meaning that brings to mind repentance and redemption, pink is a symbol of joy and white purity and light. It is important to note that each candle has a specific name. The purple one is called the Candle of Prophecy or Hope. The pink candle is called the Shepherd's Candle or the Joy Candle. The white candle bears the name of Christ.

Also, this period is optimal for giving gifts to our loved ones. Christmas is, moreover, an extremely rich time full of joy and hope. For all those who want to give their loved ones a smile every Christmas, directly on -Christmas can find some of the most beautiful such gift ideas. In addition, it is recommended that the shopping be done in time, as the period related to Christmas is extremely busy and requires rigorous planning.

Prepare for the Advent celebration and for all the moments you will spend with your loved ones, doing a spiritual cleansing and having those moments of prayer that your soul needs!

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