Rules and principles in Feng Shui

Rules and principles in Feng Shui

The feeling we get when we spend time at home plays an essential role in the well-being and optimism we enjoy every day. From the desire to make our home more beautiful and pleasant, each of us has the opportunity to make certain improvements. Feng Shui principles also fall into this category, as they can help us arrange our home in a much more relaxing and visually pleasing way. Also, to these characteristics are added others which, in turn, manage to give us a state of well-being and peace, as well as inner harmony and balance. Stay with us and discover some of the rules and principles of Feng Shui, which you can integrate in your home!

1. Make sure the front door only opens inwards

In the art of Feng Shui, the front door can only open inwards. At the same time, specialists recommend that a painting be placed near the entrance to the apartment or house, which will bring abundance to the house.

2. Avoid placing the mirror next to the entrance door

Despite the fact that many of us want to have a mirror as close as possible to the entrance, in which to check our outfit and any unpleasant aspects, Feng Shui specialists have a different view. According to them, the mirror should never be positioned in front of the entrance door, given the fact that this may scare the visitor.

3. The landscape you have when you stand by the front door must be rich

Each of us ends up relaxing at the front door sometimes. But, from the point of view of Feng Shui rules, the landscape we have in front of us is recommended to be full of healthy plants and in various slightly curved paths. On the other hand, if telegraph poles or certain straight roads are positioned in front of us, our home will not be able to enjoy good qi. Thus, those who stay in the yard can enjoy the possibility of setting up a garden in an attractive way for them.

4. Opt for furniture with regular and symmetrical shapes

Unlike the landscape we enjoy when we look outside, Feng Shui rules recommend that the furniture we have inside has a regular and symmetrical shape. In their case, it is advisable to avoid the narrow rectangle and opt for the square, as well as to focus on the full circle and not the semicircle.

5. Only large mirrors should be placed in your home

When you make purchases for your home, to furnish it in Feng Shui style, make sure that the mirrors you purchase have optimal dimensions. This category includes tall mirrors that do not detract from the look of the person looking at their reflection. In other words, it is indicated that the person looks at himself completely in the mirror. At the same time, make sure you also consider what you find on /. Whether you choose to purchase a gift for your loved ones or even for yourself, these Feng Shui ideas can bring a change in your life and help you enjoy life every day in a special way.

Enjoy the opportunity to integrate the rules and principles of Feng Shui into your home, knowing what they are and how to apply them!

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