Saint Andrew, the protective apostle of the Romanians

Saint Andrew, the protective apostle of the Romanians

The religious holidays we enjoy in our country are part of our traditions and culture. On the occasion of every holiday, we have the opportunity to meet with our loved ones and celebrate them, managing to build some extremely pleasant memories for each of us. However, a certain period is much more important than others, as we manage to celebrate Saint Andrew the Apostle. According to specialists, this is the protective apostle of the Romanians, for countless reasons. In order to help you and show you what those reasons are, we have put together a comprehensive guide for you in the following lines!

1. Who was Saint Andrew the Apostle?

According to the writings, Saint Andrew the Apostle is the one who spread the word of God including in our country. For this reason, he was named the protector of Romania since 1997. On the territory of our country there is also the Cave of Saint Andrew the Apostle, where the pilgrimage recommended to those who are suffering takes place every year.

Saint Andrew was born in Bethsaida and was the son of Iona. During his life, he walked alongside the savior Jesus Christ alongside his brother, namely Saint Peter. Thus, the two are recognized as the first apostles of Jesus Christ. However, in the past, Saint Andrew was the disciple of Saint John the Baptist, being the one who passed on the Lord's teachings, which we also find in the Orthodox Calendar.

2. Why is Saint Andrew the Apostle called the protector of the country?

In Romania, the holy Apostle Andrei is known as a protector because he passed on the gospel and the word of God including on the territory of our country. The proof of these things are the existing toponyms in the area of ​​Dobrogea, for example the Cave of Saint Andrew, which is the oldest existing Christian church on the territory of our country. It is also recognized as the Bethlehem of Romanian Christianity.

3. What is the history of the cave of Saint Andrew the Apostle?

Currently, the cave of St. Andrew the Apostle is considered to be the first Christian church. After the Savior's resurrection, the apostles spent several years in Jerusalem, laying the foundations of the church. They had various meetings where they determined what the path of each would be in order to pass on the word of the Lord. According to the teachings, the holy Apostle Andrew stayed in a cave near the town of Ion Corvin in Constanța County. During all the time he lived here, the apostle passed on the word of the Gospel, making it known to people.

Later, in 1944, the cave of Saint Andrew the Apostle was sanctified again and benefited from a new spire and a day of protection, being returned to worship. Nowadays, this is a component part of the holy settlements where Saint Andrew the Apostle built churches and ordained various priests. It is also important to state that in the vestibule there is a bed hollowed out of stone, which is said to have been used by the holy Apostle Andrew for sleeping.

Every year, people in suffering come here to sit on the bed of Saint Andrew the Apostle and to have a few moments of prayer.

As for the celebration of Saint Andrew the Apostle, it is celebrated on November 30 of each year. Thus, all people named Andrei or Andreea receive gifts from their loved ones, which can be purchased directly from https:/ /

Know the history of Saint Andrew the Apostle and his cave, by informing yourself ahead of time!

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